Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at Stanford


Let’s please take a minute to reflect.

In 1967, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (one of my heros) gave a speech at Stanford University titled “The other America”.

One can get a transcript here: http://www.crmvet.org/docs/otheram.htm

Of special interest is this part:

“The American Negro finds himself living in a triple ghetto. A ghetto of race, a ghetto of poverty, a ghetto of human misery. So what we are seeking to do in the Civil Rights Movement is to deal with this problem.”

What powerful words! But someone posted on Google’s YouTube this version:

I think this is a pretty typical way to attempt to erase our collective sympathy for all that we as a nation or movement have achieved.

At about 5:25 minutes, one instead hears:

“A ghetto of race, a ghetto of poverty… (cuts out)… is to deal with this problem”

Did someone do this on purpose? It is our duty to “un-redact” our collective history and culture, and to protect all our memories.

Thank-you for your time,

Willow Schlanger

Escrow Starts Today

Escrow on the Grass Valley house I’m in the process of buying started today at midnight. My offer was accepted yesterday, October 2nd, which also happens to be my birthday! I sure hope everything goes according to plan! If there are no problems, then after 30 days (which if I did my math right is perhaps November 2nd, 2013) I will have the keys. I’m super excited!

Update: I actually got the keys to my first home on October 31st, 2013 (Halloween!) That’s pretty good timing.

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